Alex Smooth

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          Professional Dancer, Choreographer, & World Dancesport Athlete, Alex Smooth is the Creator & Visionary behind Smooth Dance Studio.  Not only does he modestly write his own Bio, but Alex also considers himself to be the best all around Dancer & Instructor in the business.  With a background in Classical Ballet, Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Hip Hop, Break Dance & Freestyle,  Alex is the most versatile Dancer & Choreographer the industry has ever seen.  After designing, building, & operating two franchised dance studios in the Metro Atlanta area, Alex found a lot of problems with the way most corporate dance studios ran their businesses and treated their clients.  Setting out to create something far more valuable & special for his own long-term students, Alex developed Smooth Dance Studio as well as the show dance performance competition, Ballroom Dance Star, both of which captured immediate success.  Today, Alex teaches both International (WDSF) and American (NDCA) styles of Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance, as well as multiple styles of advanced social dancing.  He leads the State in innovative, top tier Performance Choreography, servicing clients in multiple cities.  His Students dance better than many industry professionals and are a testament to his overwhelming success and talent as an instructor and trainer.


Allyson Cole

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Professional Dancer, Instructor & Owner/Operator,  Allyson Cole has been dancing for over 16 years.  Beginning at the age of 7 and competing since the age of 9, Allyson has performed in many local, regional and national competitions, landing herself a national title in 2011 for a solo routine.  In that time, She has trained in ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.  Making the transition to a professional ballroom, latin & swing dancer & instructor in 2016, she gained immediate success as a performer & competitor & has instructed at 4 different studios throughout her career.  Today she currently teaches at Smooth Dance Studio, using her incredible talent to inspire dancers of all ages from all walks of life.  


Kelley Tillery

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         Owner/Investor, Dancer & Smooth Dance Fitness Instructor, Kelley Tillery is a rising star performer who continues to fulfill her Dance dreams each and every day.  Multi-year student of Alex Smooth, Kelley is also currently training to become a professional dance instructor.  Currently training at the silver level in both International (WDSF) and American style Ballroom, Latin & Swing dance, Kelley already has multiple competitions and stunning show dance performances to her name and is quickly becoming an inspiration to other up and coming dancers around her.