Wedding Choreography & First Dances

Your First Dance is an incredibly special and exciting moment in your life and Smooth Dance Studio is here to help guide you along every step of the way! Let our trained professionals guide you to your perfect moment on your special day!


General Wedding Dance Tips

  • For the first dance, choose a song that you love and one that speaks to the relationship between you & your partner. Double check with you dance instructor that the song is at a tempo that you can dance to.

  • Know the size and dimensions of your dance floor so that your instructor can choreograph your dance within those specific parameters.

  • Practice dancing to the song before the wedding. If either of you has little or no experience on the dance floor, take lessons with our professionals. A few ballroom dance lessons can make a big difference between feeling clumsy and having the confidence to dance in front of others.

  • If your wedding dress is long or has a train, bustle it so you don't trip over it.

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing. If you aren't used to high heels, wear lower heels or flats. If you are wearing high heels for your dance, be sure to practice in them!



Wedding Choreography Packages

Simple Dance Choreography to song of choice & 4 private lessons - $360

Intermediate Choreography to song of choice & 6 private lessons - $540

Show Stopper Choreography to song of choice & 12 private lessons - $1,300